Heart and Hands

Did you notice any heroes today? Do you see them all around us? Allow me even to present Dr Henry Marsh - The English Surgeon  Take some time to be renewed today. If not by the article, than the film or better yet both.


This British physician dares to stand beside and behind his Ukrainian colleague, their friendship, loyalty, creativity and perserverance create 'miracles' in the midst of poverty and medical system disfunction. Human solidarity and compassion being the miracles even beyond the cures.

I am stunned by the slow deep beauty in this documentary. The grey weather and unending concrete seem only to intensify our heroes'  humility and prowess. This film will cure elitism. It will raise you up.

Daunted, existentially stretched and clearly questioning Dr Marsh still moves forward with british politeness; wading through eastern european melancholy and desperation. The stoicism of his patients, balancing under their hopes, expose his heart and ethics clearly.

'The worst of all surgical mistakes is complacency' reminds one of other great social activists' quotes.

And when you have been uplifted by this film, the whole film, continue on to the next to see him wade through administration and bureaucracy in the Brittish system. Do you see the heroes now? Aren't they magnificent?